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Benefits of a Formal Web Design Degree Versus Self-teaching

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The Job of a web-designer includes a number of different tasks. The knowledge of internet marketing, programming, as well as many other creative and technical areas within the scope of a Web project is expected from a web-designer. Although there are formal educational institutions in the field of web-design, web-designers are able to educate themselves via alternative methods such as professional forums, blogs, etc. The knowledge gained in this way often covers many areas; however, it lacks systematic understanding of techniques and procedures. An online degree in web design implies a far greater level of motivation and self-organization when compared to students in real learning environments and controlled conditions. If you opt out of having a formal education, it is important to become familiar with the online school curriculum. Be sure to look at the results achieved by the students that have graduated, as well as information on the teachers and experts who lead the training. Continue reading

How Do You Become a Good Web Designer/Developer?

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Lately, there have been more and more people interested in web-design. With this interest comes a few commonly asked questions – How do you become a great web-designer or developer? How can you get an education in web-design and start a successful career?


If you are a novice in this field, you probably know of someone in this industry or have heard about someone that has built a successful career as a web-designer.

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