Terms You Need to Know Before Enrolling in an Online Course for a Degree in Web Design

How to earn a degree in web designI’ll start this article with a personal story of mine that took place about ten years ago. I was a young aspiring web designer, without a degree in web design, working in a famous studio. Web design education was only in its beginning stages of popularity.  You could even count on one hand, the number of web design degree students.

One of the worst, most uncomfortable tasks for me was talking with customers. This was not because I did not like to talk with people, but it was because I was not very good at communicating with clients. I was great in my field but it was all technical terms and I saw that clients were looking for an interpreter when talking with me. At the end of my meetings with clients, I realized that the art director or the secretary always had to translate my ideas and thoughts. In those moments, I do not know who was more embarrassed;  the client who had to pretend that they understood what I was saying or me who didn’t know how to explain my great web design idea. Continue reading

What You Didn’t Know About a Career in Web Design

degree in web designThe Web design profession places third on the list of most wanted occupations in the category “Computing and Internet in the past seven years”. The emergence and popularity of the Internet has opened new possibilities of communication and market share gains. In the area of E-commerce, the identification is accomplished by using text, images and sound, all combined together in various forms of animation, moving images and dynamic objects. Besides the layout and the content of the web site, there are very important conditions that will determine the success in achieving the goals of web site. A Degree in web design will allow a graduate to create identities of businesses by creating an internet presence. Continue reading

What Do Web Designers Do For a Living?

Web design DegreeIf you are planning to seek a career in web design, graphic design, or if you just want to create web sites, animations, interactive presentations, etc., then obtaining a web design degree is right for you. Web design degree programs provide adequate knowledge to students who have previous experience in design, but also to those who are new to the world of design and multimedia. During the training stage, students will learn how to apply the concepts of contrast, repetition, alignment, presentation for publishing on the Web and web design solutions. Continue reading

A Degree in Web Design – The ideal choice for creative individuals

degree in web design

By attending a Web Design school you’ll acquire the knowledge needed to create an exciting and interesting web site. Students aiming to earn a degree in web design will learn all about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as well as all the important aspects needed to create a successful website.

Colleges that offer web design in their coursework include basic training in Adobe Flash, a software tool used to create different animations that can be applied as parts of Web presentations or independent animated films. The goal of the class is to understand the logic and use it to create animated projects. Flash additionally allows interactions to be added onto animations through Action Script which enables web designer to create advanced Flash animations.

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Earn a Degree in Web Design Entirely Online

web design online classes

Education is considered a key component to the survival and the development of modern societies. In the field of information systems the importance of education is in correlation with the technological development of society. With the expansion of the Internet and innovation within the field of distance learning, the availability of such education is increasing dramatically. There are many colleges and universities that offer online degree programs; some are partially online while web design online classes and similar courses can be taken entirely online. Online web design classes and online learning has opened up new career opportunities for adult students.

Today most educational institutions offer very organized Distance Learning web design online classes. First of all, such programs are characterized by a large attendance and participation of the “new” generation of students. Recent study showed that there are millions of students across America and Europe that are currently in enrolled in some form of Distance Learning Education.

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Become a highly paid expert in programming – Web Development Degree

Students who attend web design classes online will acquire the needed skills to be able to understand the entire web development process. Web development degree courses include work on specific projects with the aim of creating independent software solutions. In addition, a web design and development student becomes familiar with the algorithmic modeling, object-oriented principles, data structures, Web programming, databases, and SQL programming.

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Become a PHP web developer

By enrolling in a web design and development degree program, you will learn to construct, write, update and maintain web applications in PHP. You will receive programming knowledge for advanced web applications which include making e-commerce web sites, internet portals, forums, and web sites specialized for social networks (Facebook, MySpace). PHP is a powerful scripting language for creating web sites with dynamic content. It is widely used by web site developers and web designers due to its features and simple usage. It is easy to learn, and can be used to accomplish many goals.

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